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A&M Cleaning Co.



We supply a vast variety of customers in Norfolk, delivering the appropriate standards of service throughout. Our clientele range from private homes, boats, care homes, churches, factories, offices and more. 

If you've got it, we can clean it!


We were founded by the A&M Education Group, our parent company. The directors of which also run a successful care organisation and noticed that the people they support and care for, struggle with some daily tasks such as cleaning. They found that care staff were becoming increasingly pressured to ensure cleaning tasks were completed but local and national authorities don't acknowledge this and so refuse to increase allocated care time. So here the A&M Cleaning Company is born... We Clean Because We Care! 

We use Eco-Friendly, locally sourced products for all of our cleaning and alongside this, all of our cleaners undergo product specific CPD accredited training to ensure that their knowledge of the products and of Health & Safety is second to none! In addition to this, our cleaners carry substantial field training and have a DBS check completed before they are able to work independently, giving you piece of mind.